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myway SQL Manager for MySQL and MariaDB, Download on Uptodown
Backup of all MySQL and MariaDB databases

Data backup of all databases from MySQL and MariaDB Server

Server backup This module a part of the host administration
MySQL - Server backup

With this module, all or selected databases created on the connected server can be backed up.

The number of database objects to be save is displayed for each database.

Basic backup settings can be defined for each database:

Binary-> HEX: Binary data is stored as hexadecimal strings (recommended)

String-> HEX: Text data is stored as hexadecimal strings (recommended)

TIMESTAMP-> UTC: Timestamps are saved in UTC format

GZip: The backup files are GZip compressed

INSERT: Here you can choose the INSERT method for restoring the data

Delimiter: Delimiter to be written between database objects

Further backup options are taken from the backup settings specified in the database module for backing up a single database

Backup all marked databases: Starts backup of all selected databases

Save: Starts backing up a single database

The backups are performed asynchronously.
You can continue working with the program elsewhere during the backup.
For each database, the backup status is shown in the toolbox on the right.

Restoring from backups is done in the database backup module: Look here.
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