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Edit access rights of program users

Editing the server access rights of program users

Access rights Editing of access rights is part of the server administration
MySQL Server access rights
Module for managing access rights of program users on registered database servers.

User: Registered program user.
Access: Allow user access to registered database server.
Changes are set immediately.
Server-Login: Area for setting the user's login data for the database server.

Host login: Database user login name for the server (e.g.: root).
Host Password: Database user password.
Program password: Password of the application user, if known.
If this is unknown, a Key must be entered at the top of the module to change the password in order to encrypt the password. The user must then use this key to log in to the database server for the first time. then the server password is stored encrypted with the user's program password.
Reset registration: Save the changes for the user.
Show password Show password
Access rights of program users on database level: Database rights of the program users
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