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myway SQL Manager for MySQL and MariaDB, Download on Uptodown
MySQL, MariaDB Management of database users

Managing and editing MySQL and MariaDB database users

Database user This module a part of the host administration
MySQL - Datbase user management

With this module, the data and rights of the database users can be managed and database users and authorization roles can be created.

Changes are applied immediately.

ROLE denotes an authorization role.

A root account cannot be revoked with this module.
If you want to do that, you can only do this with this program using an SQL statement (REVOKE).

Backing up database users:

Creates a SQL script to restore database user accounts

Back up permissions: The authorizations of the database users are also secured

Back up root user: The root account is also backed up

Save: The backup script is saved in the file directory of MyWAY SQL Manager

Download: Downloading the backup script

SQL text: The backup script is displayed as text

Set permissions Set all global permissions for the database user
Revoke permissions Revoke all global permissions for the database user
Edit user Edit database user account
Delete user Delete the database user's account from the SQL server
Add user Create a new database user on the SQL server
Add role Create a new permission role on the SQL server
Save users Save database user creation scripts
Information Displays the color information for permission dependencies
In MySQL and MariaDB, database users are accounts used to authenticate and authorize access to databases and their associated objects (tables, views, procedures, functions ...) be used. Database users are defined at the server level, which means they can be used to access any database hosted on the server.

MySQL and MariaDB users are identified by a username and authenticated by a password. Database users can be granted various permissions to perform actions on databases and objects.
For database level permissions see: Database permissions
Table level permissions: Table permissions
View level permissions: View permissions
Permissions at procedure and function level: Routine Permissions
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