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myway SQL Manager for MySQL and MariaDB, Download on Uptodown
Technical details about GUI for MySQL, MariaDB
MyWAY SQL ManagerMyWAY SQL ManagerMyWAY SQL Manager
Technic Technical details of the MyWAY SQL Manager 
Download and Install:
Free download and free use, private and business.
Easy installation. No registration required for download and installation.
Adjustable Update function: Manual or automatic.

Operating systems and programming:

Professional Administration and Programming of MySQL and MariaDB databases.

Web based GUI: The program can be operated on web hosts in the Intranet or Internet.
The application was built in PHP and Javascript and is fully HTTPRequest controlled (Ajax).
The minimum requirements for running the program are a web server with PHP 7 or PHP 8 and a modern browser (Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, Brave ...).
All modules are DOM and speed-optimized. Minimal code overhead. Compressed data and module transmissions. The program runs very fast.
The application contains about 2500 terms and messages in 132 languages ​​and scripts. German and English are verified as far as I can, all other languages ​​were translated with the help of Google and may contain errors.
Users can select a second language for the program help. Help texts are then displayed in two languages. Default is English.
The language can be changed at any time while the program is running.
The program is tab controlled. A new tab will be opened for editing servers, databases or database elements. You can switch between tabs at any time, even when longer asynchronous tasks are running, such as data backups, etc...
The number of tabs does not affect the program's working speed and is only limited by the computer's memory.
This allows working on several tables or other database elements at the same time.

Easy setup of .htaccess protection during installation or in the program.
.Htaccess protection management in the program with setting up different users.
The program does not need its own database, uses no cookies and is free of advertising.
All passwords for program login and server registration are encrypted in the configuration files.
If views, procedures, functions, triggers and events are changed or deleted, backup copies files of the previous versions are created with the date specified in the Script archive. These can be called up again.

User management:
Own user administration for any number of users with own program privileges.
Individual configuration options for program settings and layout are available for each user.
Each user can be assigned own server connections with individual editing privileges for databases and their elements (tables, views, procedures, functions, triggers, events).
Server connections can be created for each user with individual login and dependent server privileges.

Server Connections:
Any number of server connections to MySQL or MariaDB databases can be established with the program. The servers only have to be accessible in the program's network.
Server connections possible with SSL and compression (speeds up over internet and VPN).

Level features on server and database level:
Extensive information and editing options on connected servers.
Convenient editing of system variables.
Data backup of databases of any size in SQL script files as multipart backup at server and database level.
Data recovery from SQL script files at database level.
CSV creation at database and table level.
SQL statements at server and database level.
Setting and saving of SQL mode (sql_mode) for program and SQL statements.
Database User Management.
Detailed database privileg management at server, database and database element level (tables, table columns, views, procedures, functions).
Management of Authorization roles.
Administration of Federated servers.
Management of Foreign keys.
Database tools for converting and copying.
Backup of database accounts with permissions.

Table level features:
Extensive and convenient editing options for TABLES.
Support for system-versioned tables in MariaDB databases.
Creation of tables by importing CSV files, XML scripts, PHP and JSON arrays.
Convert and copy tables.
Detailed table privileg management also at table column level.
Convenient management and editing of indexes and foreign keys.
Comfortable data processing with SQL function selection and special editors for SPATIAL values.
Data processing also with alias outputs.
Data import from CSV files, XML scripts, PHP or JSON arrays.
Wizard for data selection and editing.
Wizard for history data in system-versioned tables.
Convenient management, editing and creation of table partitions.

Views level features:
Convenient management, editing and creation of VIEWS with formatted output of the SQL definitions.
Detailed privileg management for views.
Wizard for data selection.
When defining views as temporary tables, data can be edited in the views if returned columns have a full UNIQUE index included.

Features sequence level from MariaDB 10.3:
Convenient management, editing and creation of SEQUENCES.
Detailed permission management for sequences.
Backup archive for all sequences.

Convenient management, editing and creation of routines with a powerful SQL editor and parameter input.
Detailed privileg management for procedures and functions.
Procedures and functions can be tested.
Backup copies are saved in the script archive in the event of changes or deletions and can be restored.
Backup archive for all routines.

Features package level from MariaDB 10.3.5:
Convenient management, editing and creation of PACKAGES.
Detailed permission management for packages.
Backup archive for all packages.

SQL Editor:
Powerful SQL editor with syntax highlighting.
Search functions with markings in the text.
Set line markers in the text.
Find and replace: Replace individually, replace all, replace in selected area.
Script archive in which SQL statements can be saved and retrieved.
SQL execution via single statements or Multi-Query.
Wizard for creating SQL commands.
Mouse-over help for SQL functions.
Control of functions via keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL-a (Select all),
CTRL-c (Copy),
CTRL-v (Paste),
CTRL-x (Cut),
CTRL-h (Find and replace),
CTRL-s (Save).

Search functions:
Search function for database elements at database level (name search, content search in SQL definitions of routines and Views).
Search functions at table level. Search by name, field name, indices.
Search functions on routine level (procedures, functions, packages, triggers, events). Search for names and for terms in the SQL definitions.
Search functions on view level (names, terms in SQL definitions).

Program help:
With each Icon its function is indicated by mouseover.
In the case of modules with several icons, a labeled menu can be displayed by double-clicking on the title bar.
Each module contains a link to a help page on this portal.

If there are any program errors, please send me a message. These will then be removed as quickly as possible.
I am also open to desired extensions of the program.
I would also appreciate improvements to translations in the program.

The program is continuously improved and expanded by me.
Extensions to other database systems are planned. PostgreSQL is next on the agenda.
I am happy about every support of the project.

Have fun and success with the MyWAY SQL Manager!
Best regards, Heino Cunze-Fischer
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