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Edit MySQL, MariaDB Permission Roles

Creating and editing MySQL and MariaDB authorization roles

Permission role This module a part of the host administration
MySQL - Edit permission role

Form for editing permission roles.

The name of the role cannot be changed.

Assignment of global permissions:

Data permissions.

Structure Permissions.

Administrative permissions.

Inherit rights from: Copy permissions from another user or role account.

All: Also copy object permissions (database, tables, views, routines) from another user account.

Save changes: Saving global permissions.

Databases, tables, columns, views, procedures, functions: Assignment of permissions for database objects.
Changes are applied immediately at the object level without pressing Save changes.

Editing permissions at object level (databases, tables, routines...) is the same as for user permissions.
See here:
Editing user permissions

MySQL and MariaDB have a robust and flexible system for managing user permissions, including the ability to set permission roles to create. A role is a named set of permissions that can be granted to a user account or other role. In this way, a set of permissions can be defined once and then granted to multiple users or roles as needed, making permission management in MySQL and MariaDB databases.

Roles are useful for managing permissions for large numbers of users, or for enforcing segregation of duties when different users have different levels of access to the same data. By creating clearly defined roles and assigning them to users as needed, permissions management processes can be simplified and the risk of incorrect permissions and errors reduced.
For database level permissions see: Database permissions
Table level permissions: Table permissions
View level permissions: View permissions
Permissions at procedure and function level: Routine Permissions
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