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Edit MySQL and MariaDB Server Process List

Display and edit the MySQL and MariaDB server process list

MySQL processes This module a part of the host administration
MySQL - Processes on host

This module shows the running processes of the connected server.

Stop: Stops the running process

Update interval Selection of the update interval
MySQL and MariaDB show a process list of active threads or processes running on the SQL server. It provides information about the current status of each connection. The process list can be displayed using the SHOW PROCESSLIST command.

The following information are available:

Id: The connection ID for the process.
User: The MySQL or MariaDB user that initiated the process.
Host: The hostname or IP address of the client.
db: The database associated with the process.
Command: The type of command being executed (SELECT, UPDATE, etc.).
Time: The time in seconds that the process ran.
State: The current status of the process (locked, sending data, etc.).
Info: The executed SQL query.

The process list is a useful tool for monitoring activity on the MySQL or MariaDB server and diagnosing problems such as slow queries or dead processes. Examining the process list can identify processes that are causing performance issues and take action to optimize them.
Running processes should only be stopped if absolutely necessary
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