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Updates of MySQL, MariaDB GUI
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MyWAY SQL Manager Updates

Version 1.15 2023-07-21:
Extension: The dependent database objects of tables, views, sequences, procedures and functions can now be displayed and edited.
Extension: In the module for editing views, sequences, procedures and functions, a refresh button has been added, which reloads the database object.
Extension: The menus for selecting tables, views, procedures and functions can now be filtered without a search function.
The program's help links that lead to myway-sql.de or myway-sql.com now contain the program's version number to alert the user to a new program version if the automatic update check is deactivated.
Some terms added to syntax highlighting in the SQL editor.
Fixed an error message when creating an index by selecting a table field.
Fixed bug in sequence editor when switching between code and parameter editor.
Fixed error message when searching in database with restricted user rights.
Fixed possible update errors when changing tabs after asynchronous action in the inactive tab.
Fixed display bug of busy display on action buttons in labeled menu.
Fixed minor layout errors with dark background.

Version 1.14 2023-07-05:
Error when creating a new authorization role with simultaneous assignment of rights under MariaDB fixed: Role was created, the assignment of rights led to an error.
Fixed error saving permissions in edit form for permission roles on MariaDB.
Fixed error message when loading the editor for the program configuration after initial installation of the program.
To protect the user and the program when operating under public URLs, no referrers are now transfer for all external links to help pages in the program (myway-sql.de, myway-sql.com, mariadb.com, mysql.com).
In addition, the program now also works with browsers in which the transmission of referrers has been switched off, as a security check using the referrer has been replaced for module calls.
The referrer is no longer transmitted in the following browsers that I have tested: Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Iridium, Opera, Vivaldi.
Layout adjustments for Firefox with dark backgrounds and scrollbars.

Version 1.13 2023-06-25:
Extension: The layout editor has been enhanced with the settings of Border, Margin, Background and Scrollbar under Effects.
Border: Turns window border lines on or off. Is now off by default. (Was previously on)
Margin: Creates an inner margin in the browser window. Is on by default. (Was previously off)
Background: Turns on dark backgrounds of windows. Is on by default. (Was previously off)
Scrollbar: Switches the scrollbars from gray to blue. Is off by default. (Was previously on)
Extension: In the layout editor, the color and the intensity of the gradients of the program and module headers can now be set and saved.
Layout changes in database SQL backup and restore and in database CSV backup.
Fixed bug: Filter settings in the layout editor were not activated when restarting the program.
Fixed bug: With asynchronous actions on tables and databases (e.g. converting to a different character set), the waiting display was not switched off at the end of the action.
Fixed bug: When using the data wizard for tables, an output error occurred with cleaned data output after deleting data rows.
Fixed error when scaling the program via the browser.

Version 1.12 2023-06-21:
Fixed bug: When converting tables to other character sets, the executing tab was not put into wait mode for longer calculations.
Error in table column conversion from type with length specification (e.g. VARCHAR) to TEXT/BLOB fixed.
Fixed bug in table selection in database tools. Tables could not be selected.
The sorting of the tables is now also displayed in the table selection in database tools.
Fixed some layout errors.
The .htaccess file for the program now includes cache settings for the program's image files.
In the .htaccess administration tool, the .htaccess file can now also be edited with an editor.

Version 1.11 2023-06-08:
Extension: A new module has been introduced under server settings, in which the SQL mode for the server and for the program can be edited and set. The settings can be set globally and used and saved for user sessions either only for SQL statements or for the entire program. This option can be useful for developers when, for example, procedures or packages should be executed in Oracle mode. The SQL mode settings only for sessions can also be called up and edited in the SQL editor.
The session settings are saved individually for the program user. Other users of the program or clients are not affected.
Error in procedure and function creation with specification of parameter option UNSIGNED fixed. Options were not accepted.
Fixed bug with program messages. "Don't hide" option was not executed.
Fixed error in file counter in SQL backup for very large tables.
Error when copying files fixed in SQL-Restore when restoring from backup of another database.
SQL mode NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO introduced in SQL-Restore to be able to restore AUTO-INCREMET values ​​with value 0.
In MySQL the creation of procedures and functions is preset to "Deterministic", in MariaDB to "Non-deterministic".

Version 1.10 2023-05-10:
Enhancement: Program extended to manage, create and edit PACKAGES from MariaDB server version 10.3.5. Introduction to Database Search, Backup and Restore.
Adoption of sequences and packages in the database copy program in database tools.
Removed debug message when pasting texts in SQL Editor.
Fixed problems with SQL_MODE -> ANSI_QUOTES when editing tables, views and sequences.

Version 1.09 2023-04-28:
Enhancement: The position of the 2nd output window can now be selected using the arrow in the program header. Previously, the window was located under the main module (e.g. article editing). It can now also be displayed on the right. Practical for wide monitors. In the 2nd window, for example, the data, index, partition and permissions editing are displayed. Selection is automatically saved for the user. If the width of the windows next to each other is too large for the output area, the 2nd window is automatically displayed below.
Completed: Display of sequences in the database information.
Completed: View and edit sequences in database search.
Enhancement: Added a help link to MySQL function reference in SQL editor.
Additional SQL function descriptions added and syntax highlighting extended.
Error in table processing fixed: The selection values ​​were converted to lower case letters for data types ENUM and SET.
Fixed problem when registering new server with wrong password. Error message is now displayed.
Fixed error when executing SQL statements with DELIMITER if a DELIMTER applied to multiple statement blocks.
Fixed error when executing SQL statements with "--" and "#" comments.
Fixed problems with "--" and "#" comments in the SQL editor.
Fixed error displaying total rows in table output from SELECT statements with "GROUP BY" clause.

Version 1.08 2023-04-06:
Fixed bug in data processing in tables from SQL statement at server level: The selected database was not adopted, which led to error messages.
Fixed a bug in the SQL editor with "Find and Replace -> Replace all": After replacing, the rest of the line was written in lower case.
Error in table export with data fixed: A semicolon was missing after the table definitions.

Version 1.07 2023-03-03:
Program extended to manage, create and edit sequences from MariaDB server starting with version 10.3.
Table headings in lists of database items are now multilingual. (Tables, views, sequences, procedures, functions, triggers, events).
Fixed problem with MySQL error messages on PHP 8.
SQL editor cursor functions adapted to the new Google Chrome version.
Z-buffer is now available in SQL editor with CTRL-Z.
Adaptation to border bug in select boxes in Opera browser.
Program tested with Brave and Iridium browser.
Fixed bug in menu selection while server statistics are running.

Version 1.06 2023-02-22:
Fixed problem with error message when assigning root password with the program on a newly installed XAMPP 8.2.0.
Automatic updating of the server login data for the current user and optionally for all program users when the password for the server access to the database server is changed. For example, if the root password is changed, access to the server will be updated for users who authenticate themselves with the root login. In this way, the connection passwords do not have to be re-entered for each user when changes are made.
Fixed window customization for Android tablets.

Version 1.05 2023-02-16:
Added temporary deactivation of FOREIGN KEY CHECKS when converting tables and databases to other character sets.
Prevent automatic insertion of password managers into server login fields.
Error in the data wizard fixed (taking over table options: rows, maximum text lengths, decimal places).
Error in checking rights tables before starting database user management fixed. (Table GLOBAL_PRIV removed from check routine).
Fixed problem with update (login window did not appear automatically after manual update).
Fixed bug with window resizing on showing labeled menus in data and history wizard.
Added more languages.
Selection of 2nd language for help texts added under user settings.
Help for the buttons is displayed in two languages. For terms, the second language is shown on mouseover.
In addition to the filter for column names, a filter for the table column types was installed in table editing.

Version 1.04 2023-02-11:
Fixed focus problem in SQL editors (editor only set the text cursor with the second click).
Bug fixed: Focus loss of SQL editor on mouseover of rezize bar for windows.
The latest version is always available for download.
If you don't want to make any updates with the program, you can also simply run the latest download in the program directory. All program settings are retained.
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