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myway SQL Manager for MySQL and MariaDB, Download on Uptodown
Installation of myway SQL Manager GUI

Installation and program starting of MyWAY SQL Manager GUI for MySQL and MariaDB

Download MyWAY SQL Manager The MyWAY SQL Manager can be downloaded here for free: Download
  • When you download, you will receive a file called 'myway.php' in the size of 22MB.

  • If you downloaded the file as a GZip, it must first be unzipped.

  • Then copy the PHP file to a directory you create on a web host.

  • The directory must be accessible with a web browser (e.g.: http://domain.de/myway/).

  • The host can of course also be located on a local computer (e.g.: http://localhost/myway/).
    If the host is an XAMPP on your own computer, the program directory can be created under 'htdocs'.

  • The installation takes place by calling up the installation file. e.g. http://domain.de/myway/myway.php or http://localhost/myway/myway.php.
    All necessary directories and files are then created from the installation file.
    The program then occupies about 34MB of memory on the hard disk.

  • If you downloaded the program as a ZIP archive, unpack it in your directory and then call it up either with the directory-name (e.g.: http://localhost/myway/) or directory-name/index.php (e.g.: http://localhost/myway/index.php).

  • After the copying process or the first start of the program, the installation window appears:
MyWAY SQL Manager installation
  • Choose a language for the program to start with.
  • Create a password for the program's admin account.
  • Decide whether to use a .htaccess protection should be installed. This should definitely be done when installing on a public server. The .htaccess protection can also be installed later in the program's system settings and extended for other users.
  • Decide which program options you want to start with.
  • The installation can be completed by accepting the terms and conditions.
  • If you have installed .htaccess, the first thing that happens after the installation is complete the security system expects the .htaccess password.
    Then the program login appears.

  • After successfully logging in with the admin password, the program appears with an input mask to register the first server in the program:

Register new server
  • Caution: For the program to function, the config and files directories must remain writable for the program.

    For program updates, all directories must be writable.

All settings during installation can be changed later in the program.
The admin account is mandatory for the program and cannot be deleted.
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