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Built-in SQL help in MySQL and MariaDB

Display built-in SQL help in MySQL and MariaDB databases

MySQL help This module a part of the host administration
MySQL SQL help - keywords

Displays the available SQL help from the connected MySQL server.

Keywords: SQL help selectable by keywords.
These can be filtered with the alphabetical buttons

Categories: SQL help by category in tree structure

MySQL SQL help - categories
This module encrypts the help_topic, help_keyword, help_category and help_relation tables contained in the mysql database in MySQL and MariaDB. These tables contain information about various topics, keywords and their relationships used by the HELP() function to provide relevant help information.

The help_topic table is used internally by the server and client applications to provide context-sensitive help and documentation. It allows users to access information about various commands, functions, syntax and other aspects of using MySQL and MariaDB. The help_keyword table serves as a mapping between keywords and the associated help topics in the help_topic table. Each keyword entry is linked to one or more help topics, allowing users to search for specific topics using relevant keywords. The help_category table is used to categorize the help topics and give the documentation a hierarchical structure. The help_relation table contains the links between the help_topic and help_keyword tables.
Depending on the server version, the SQL help links to help pages of mysql.com or mariadb.com
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