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myway SQL Manager for MySQL and MariaDB, Download on Uptodown
MySQL and MariaDB Server Configuration, Tools

MySQL and MariaDB server configuration, administration and processing

MyWAY SQL Manager system The server configuration can be reached by selecting the server in the main menu
MyWAY SQL Manager server config

The server configuration reports with the information about the server

Server information Displays information about the connected server.
Status variables Shows the status variables with values ​​of the connected server.
Host variables View and edit server variables.
Character sets and collations Displays the available character sets and collations of the connected server.
Host plugins Displays the installed extensions of the connected server.
SQL helps Displays the browser for the SQL helps contained on the connected server.
MySQL engines Displays the engines installed on the connected server.
Federated server Administration of the federated servers.
Foreign keys Management of the foreign keys present on the server.
Process list Displays the processes running on the server.
Server status Starts displaying the server status graph in the toolbox.
SQL statements Opens the window for executing SQL statements on the server.
User access rights Management of access rights of program users for this server.
Database user rights Management of database users and their permissions on this server.
Server backup Module for backing up the entire server.
Server tools Module for reset functions and server services.
Create database Create a new database on the server.
Edit server registration Editing the server registration in MyWAY SQL Manager.
Delete server registration Deleting the server registration from the MyWAY SQL Manager user account.
The module for server configuration in the myway SQL manager is called up in the server menu by clicking on the registered server and first it shows the information about the MySQL or MariaDB server. Extensive information about resources and variables of the server can be called up via this module. Server variables can be edited here.

Furthermore, the connections of federated servers and all defined foreign keys can be managed, edited and created here. Running processes can be displayed and terminated and the graphical status display can be switched on here.

In the third module group, a SQL editor can be opened to run SQL commands on the server. Program rights can be set for users and the database users registered on the SQL server and their permissions can be edited and created. Here you can also back up the entire server with all databases and create new databases. The server registration for the myway SQL manager can be edited and deleted.
MyWAY SQL Manager system icons
  • Double-clicking the module title bar displays a labeled menu.
    If you double-click again, only the icons are displayed.

  • When the mouse is over an icon, the function of the icon is displayed.
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