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myway SQL Manager for MySQL and MariaDB, Download on Uptodown
Editing the server registration

Help on editing the server registry (MySQL / MariaDB)

Edit host registry This module is called in the server module
MyWAY SQL Manager - Edit host registry

Name: A label as you want it to appear in the server menu

Host address: The address of the SQL server (e.g.: localhost,
If necessary, the port must also be specified (e.g.:

Log in: Login name of the database user (e.g.: root)

Password: Database user's password

Data compression: Can be switched on to increases the speed in slow networks, e.g. also over VPN

SSL encryption: If the server requires SSL encryption

Arrange: The position where to arrange the server in the menu

Test connection: The connection can be tested before registration

Save changes: Saves the settings without connecting the server to the SQL Manager

Save & connect: Saves the settings and connects to the SQL Manager

All MySQL and MariaDB servers that can be reached in the network are able to be register
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