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MySQL, MariaDB view status variables

View Status variables of MySQL and MariaDB server

Status variables This module a part of the host administration
MySQL Status variables

This module displays the status variables of the connected server.

The alphabetical buttons can be used to scroll to the corresponding variables

You can search for variable names. With % in front of the search term, you can also search in the names (e.g %key)

Delete search Clears the search and reloads the entire list of variables
Status variables at mysql.com Links to information about status variables at mysql.com
MySQL and MariaDB status variables are system variables that provide information about the current status of the server. They represent a snapshot of server status at the time of access and can be used to monitor server performance and identify problems.

There are different types of state variables, including connection-related variables, thread-related variables, table-related variables, and more. Status variables can be accessed using the SHOW STATUS command or the database "performance_schema" is queried. Common status variables include Uptime, which indicates how long the server has been running, Queries, which showing the number of queries executed by the server, and Slow_queries showing the number of queries that took longer than the slow query threshold to execute.

Status variables can be used to monitor MySQL or MariaDB server performance to identify potential bottlenecks or areas for optimization. For example, the Handler_read_rnd_next variable can be looked at to monitor how often the server performs a full table scan instead of using an index, which may indicate the need for index tuning. Because Status Variables represent a snapshot at the time of access, they may not provide a complete picture of server performance over time. In addition, the values ​​of some variables may be affected by workload or environment. Therefore, it is important to interpret them in context.

MySQL and MariaDB state variables provide valuable insight into the current state of the MySQL or MariaDB servers and allow to monitor performance, identify problems and tune the server for a specific workload.
Status variables cannot be changed
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