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MySQL, MariaDB Server character sets and collations

Display MySQL and MariaDB server character sets and collations

System variables This module a part of the host administration
MySQL System variables

This module displays the character sets available on connected servers and their associated collations.

The maximum memory required for the character encoding is given in bytes per character.

armscii8ARMSCII-8 Armenian
big5Big5 Traditional Chinese
binaryBinary pseudo charset
cp1250Windows Central European
cp1251Windows Cyrillic
cp1256Windows Arabic
cp1257Windows Baltic
cp850DOS West European
cp852DOS Central European
cp866DOS Russian
cp932SJIS for Windows Japanese
dec8DEC West European
eucjpmsUJIS for Windows Japanese
euckrEUC-KR Korean
gb18030China National Standard GB18030
gb2312GB2312 Simplified Chinese
gbkGBK Simplified Chinese
geostd8GEOSTD8 Georgian
greekISO 8859-7 Greek
hebrewISO 8859-8 Hebrew
hp8HP West European
keybcs2DOS Kamenicky Czech-Slovak
koi8rKOI8-R Relcom Russian
koi8uKOI8-U Ukrainian
latin1cp1252 West European
latin2ISO 8859-2 Central European
latin5ISO 8859-9 Turkish
latin7ISO 8859-13 Baltic
macceMac Central European
macromanMac West European
sjisShift-JIS Japanese
swe77bit Swedish
tis620TIS620 Thai
ucs2UCS-2 Unicode
ujisEUC-JP Japanese
utf16UTF-16 Unicode
utf16leUTF-16LE Unicode
utf32UTF-32 Unicode
utf8UTF-8 Unicode
utf8mb4UTF-8 Unicode
MySQL and MariaDB character sets and collations are used to define how the server stores and compares string data. A character set is a set of symbols and encodings used to represent characters in a database. MySQL and MariaDB support various character sets, including UTF-8, ASCII, ISO-8859 and more...

A collation is a set of rules used to compare characters in a character set. Collations can define the order in which characters are sorted, whether uppercase and lowercase letters are treated the same, and how diacritics should be treated.

If a new MySQL or MariaDB database is to be created, a default character set and default collation for the database, tables and columns can be specified. The default character set for MySQL and MariaDB is UTF-8 and the default collation is utf8mb4_general_ci. Choosing a character set for your database should consider the type of data to be stored and the languages ​​and scripts to be used. For example, if data is stored in multiple languages, a Unicode character set such as UTF-8 should be chosen.

Choosing a collation should consider how you want to compare and sort string data. For example, utf8mb4_general_ci is a case-insensitive collation and treats the accented characters as equal, while utf8mb4_bin is a case-sensitive collation and treats the accented characters as different.

The choice of character set and collation can affect the performance of your MySQL or MariaDB server. For example, using a Unicode character set such as UTF-8 can require more storage space than a single-byte character set, and using a case-sensitive collation can affect affect the performance of certain query types.

Choosing the appropriate character set and collation can ensure that the database works as expected and performs optimally.
If no sorting is selected for a character set, the default sorting is used
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