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MySQL, MariaDB Edit system variables

View and edit system variables of MySQL and MariaDB server

System variables This module a part of the host administration
MySQL System variables

The module displays the system variables of the connected server.

The system variables can be edited where permitted.

The alphabetical buttons can be used to scroll to the corresponding variables

You can search for variable names. With % in front of the search term, you can also search in the names (e.g.: %key)

Delete search Clears the search and reloads the entire list of server variables
Status variables at mysql.com Links to information about status variables at mysql.com
Edit variable Indicates that the value of the variable can be changed
Save value Save changes to variable
MySQL and MariaDB system variables are global or per-session variables that can be used to configure and control various aspects of SQL Server behavior. System variables can be set at startup by modifying the server's configuration file, or changed dynamically at runtime using the SET command. There are several types of system variables, including global variables that affect the entire server, session variables that only affect the current session, and read-only variables that cannot be changed.

System Variables can be accessed using the SHOW VARIABLES command. Common system variables include max_connections, which sets the maximum number of connections allowed to the server, innodb_buffer_pool_size, which sets the size of the InnoDB buffer pool, and query_cache_size which sets the size of the query cache.

Changing system variables can have a significant impact on SQL Server behavior. Therefore, it is important to understand the implications of any changes before making them. Additionally, some system variables cannot be modified at runtime, while others require specific permissions to modify.

System Variables provide a powerful tool to configure and control the behavior of the MySQL or MariaDB server. By setting the variables appropriately, the server can be tuned for a specific workload and ensure optimal performance.
System variables can be partially changed
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