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Data backup with multipart backup for MySQL, MariaDB

Data backup, database backup with multipart backup for MySQL and MariaDB databases

Database backup The backup module is part of the database administration and configuration
MySQL - Database backup

Module for creating backup files from all or selected objects in the database:

Binary data as HEX: Binary data stored as hexadecimal values ​​during backups. (Recommended).

Strings as HEX: Strings stored as hexadecimal values ​​during backups. (Recommended).

TIMESTAMP as UTC: TIMESTAMP values ​​stored in UTC format.

Indexes extra: Indexes of tables will be saved extra.
The indexes are then only written after the data has been restored. (Can speed up data restoring)

Setting which INSERT method to use for restoring data.

GZip: Files are saved with GZip compression.

Delimiter: Setting which delimiter should be used for saving procedures and functions.
To speed up data restoring, the program uses a delimiter as a SQL comment between data blocks.

Set Global:

Max lines per file:

Records per transaction:


Convert: Tables are converted on backup.

Engine: Tables are saved using a different engine in the backup script.

Character set / collation: Tables are saved with a different character set and collation in the backup script.

Data fields: Other character set and other sorting are also used for data columns.

Table level settings:

Backup type: Setting how the backup should be done:

Complete: Table is fully backed up with each backup.

Complete Monthly: Table is fully backed up once a month.

Sequential: Only the data rows added since the last backup are backed up. Only works with AUTO_INCREMENT field

When changing lines: Table is backed up completely when the number of records are changed.

Do not backup: Table will be omitted from backup.

Max lines per file: Specifies the maximum number of data rows per backup file.
If the number of data rows in the table is larger, multiple files are created for the table.

Records per transaction: Number of records in an INSERT statement when recovering.

Back up data: Starts generating the backup files. The operation runs asynchronously. A status window appears in the toolbox.

Backup files: Switches to backup file management of the database. There the files can be downloaded or deleted.

Save configuration Saves the settings for creating the backup files.
MySQL - Backup files

Host-Name als Datei-Prefix: Für Download der Host-Name dem Tabellen-Namen vorangestellt.

Datenbank-Name als Datei-Prefix: Für Download der Datenbank-Name dem Tabellen-Namen vorangestellt.

Dateien herunterladen: Startet den Download der auswählten Dateien.
Der Download wird asynchron ausgeführt. Es erscheint ein Statusfenster in der Toolbox.

Creation and download of backup files is performed asynchronously. You can continue working elsewhere in the program.
For large tables, the backup is significantly faster when an AUTO_INCREMENT column is present.
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