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Copying MySQL, MariaDB tables into SQL database

Copying MySQL and MariaDB tables into SQL database

Copy MySQL table Table copying is part of table editing
Copy MySQL table to another table
Copy SQL table into another SQL table:
Target database: Selection of the target database for the new table.
Target table: Specification of the name for the target table.
Engine: Database format for the new target table.
Apply data to target table: Data from the source table is copied to the target table.
Apply options & indexes: Options and indexes of the source table are applied to the target table.
Apply user rights: Database user rights that were created for the source table are applied to the target table.
Delete existing target table: If a target table with the name already exists, it will be deleted before the copy process. Otherwise an error message appears.
Data directory target table: Path to the directory on the server where the data files are to be saved.
Index directory target table: Path to the directory on the server in which the index files are to be stored (MyISAM only).
Copy table: Starts the copy process. Depending on the size of the table, this can take some time.
The operation is executed asynchronously. You can continue working elsewhere.
This module allows you to create copies of MySQL and MariaDB tables in the same or a different database on the server. You can choose whether the data in the table should also be copied or just the structure. You can also determine whether additional table options, indexes and database permissions should be included in the copy.

The copying process is carried out asynchronously.

See also Database tools to copy multiple tables to another database.
A table selection can be made there, which can then be transferred using the copy function for databases.
More information about editing MySQL tables can be found here: mysql.com and mariadb.com
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