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Add data records in MySQL, MariaDB tables

Add data records in MySQL and MariaDB tables

Insert data record The module for inserting data records is part of the table editing
Inserting data records into MySQL tables
Module for inserting data records into a MySQL table:

The input mode for data values ​​can be changed.
Input forms for functions can be selected depending on the data type.
Input fields for text input (CHAR, VARCHAR, TEXT ...) can be enlarged.
To enter whole numbers, a form can be used that allows entry in binary, hexadecimal and decimal.

SQL preview: The new record is output as an SQL statement in the SQL editor and can be executed there.
Save: Saves the new record in the table.
New data record Load blank form for new data record.
Change editing mode Form for extended input of integer data.
More information about inserting data into MySQL tables: mysql.com und mariadb.com und w3schools.com
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