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Create MySQL, MariaDB tables by cloning

Creating MySQL and MariaDB tables by cloning

Cloning a MySQL table Generating a table by cloning is part of the table creation
Create new MySQL table by cloning
Create a table by copying another table:
Source database: Selection of the database in which the source table is located.
Source table: Selection of the source table to copy from.
Apply data from source table: Copy data from source table to new table.
Apply options & indices: Apply table options and indexes to the new table.
Data directory target table: Path to the directory on the server where the data files are to be saved.
Index directory target table: Path to the directory on the server in which the index files are to be stored (MyISAM only).
Create table: Creates the new table by copy.
Table creation as SQL script Not available with this function
Create table Not available with this function
Weitere Informationen zur Erstellung von MySQL-Tabellen finden Sie hier: mysql.com und mariadb.com
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