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myway SQL Manager for MySQL and MariaDB, Download on Uptodown
Database tools for MySQL and MariaDB SQL Server

Database tools, copy and convert for MySQL and MariaDB SQL Server

Database tools The database tools are part of the database administration and configuration
MySQL - Database tools
Tool for converting and copying databases and deleting rights.

Change database collation: Changes character set and database collation setting:

Change collation in all tables: Also changes the character set and collation setting of all or selected tables in the database.
Convert data in all tables: Converts the data of all or selected tables to the new character encoding.
Change sorting: Saves the changes and starts the conversion if selected.
The process runs asynchronously.

Copy Database: Copies all or selected tables and objects to a new or different database:

Database name: Name of the database to copy to.
If the database does not exist, it will be created.
Overwrite tables in target database: Activate if tables in the target database should be overwritten. If this point is not activated and there are already tables in the database, an error message appears.
Adopt table engine: If activated, the engine of the source table is inherited. Otherwise the new table will be created with the default engine.
Adopt table indexes: The indexes of the source table are applied to the target table.
Copy data: The data from the source table is copied to the target table. Otherwise only the structure of the table is adopted.
Copy views, procedures,
functions, triggers, events: Objects are created in target database.
Copy permissions: The permissions assignments of the database users for the source database and its objects are copied to the target database and its objects.

Delete permissions: The permissions assignments of the database users for the database and / or selected database objects are deleted.
Show table selection Show or hide table selection.
When table selection is turned off, actions are performed on all tables.
Actions in this module are executed asynchronously. You can continue working elsewhere in the program.
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