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Converting MySQL, MariaDB tables to character set

Converting MySQL and MariaDB tables to other character sets

Convert a MySQL table Table conversion is part of table editing
Convert MySQL table to another character set
Convert table to another character encoding:
Character set: Select the new character set that is available on the SQL server.
Collation: Selecti the collation for the new character set.
Convert Table: Starts converting the table. Depending on the size of the table, it can take some time.
The operation is executed asynchronously. You can continue working elsewhere.
This module converts MySQL and MariaDB tables into another character set with the selected collation. Table data of the type CHAR, VARCHAR, TEXT, TINYTEXT, LONGTEXT and MEDIUMTEXT are converted into the new character set and therefore possibly changed.

The conversion process can take some time for large tables and is carried out synchronously.
Attention! This function changes the encoding and also the data of character strings.
More information about editing MySQL tables can be found here: mysql.com and mariadb.com
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