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performance_schema database in MySQL and MariaDB

Working with the performance_schema database in MySQL and MariaDB

Tables MySQL performance_schema database
MySQL performance_schema

Module viewing tables in MySQL and MariaDB performance_schema databases:

Tables can be filtered alphabetically or by search.

The list can be sorted by clicking on the field headings of the table list.

Table refresh Reloads table menu and list.
Alphabetical selection Displays the menu for alphabetical selection of tables.
Table search Searching in table names, with %... inside the table names.
Table column search Searching in table column names.
Buttons in table list:
Data: Displays data of tables with SQL statement.
Script: Displays the table creation script in the SQL editor.
Download: Downloads the table creation script.
The performance_schema is a MySQL or MariaDB database that contains a variety of information about the performance of the SQL server provides. The database contains tables and views that can be used to monitor and analyze the performance of various server components, including queries, threads, and locks. The performance_schema is very useful for identifying performance bottlenecks and diagnosing problems with slow queries or inefficient server configurations.

Examples of information available about the performance_schema:

Query execution statistics, including query response times, execution counts, and resource usage.
Thread and connection activity, including the number of threads and connections, their status, and resource usage.
Table and index usage statistics, including information about the number of reads, writes, and scans performed on each table or index.
Information about wait events, including time spent waiting for various locks and syncs.

The performance_schema is highly customizable and configurable. Numerous system variables and configuration options are available to fine-tune its behavior and optimize its performance. It can be a resource-intensive component of the MySQL or MariaDB server when collecting large amounts of performance data.
More information about the MySQL performance_schema database: mysql.com und mariadb.com
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