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CSV backup, data backup for MySQL and MariaDB

CSV backup, create CSV data backup for MySQL and MariaDB databases

CSV backup The CSV backup module is part of the database administration and configuration
MySQL - CSV backup of the tables

Module for creating CSV files from all or selected tables in the database:

Excel: Sets the formatting of the CSV files to Excel default settings.

Delimiter: Selection of the separator between the values.

Values: Selection whether and with which quotation marks the values ​​should be enclosed.

Binary data: Setting how binary data should be stored in CSV files.

Empty field: Field is transferred empty to CSV files.

Hexadecimal: Values ​​are stored in hexadecimal form in CSV files.

Omit: Binary data is omitted. Also, no colunm is created in the CSV file.

Character set: Character encoding in which the CSV file will be saved.

Omit empty tables: No file is output for empty tables.

GZip: Files are saved with GZip compression.

Max lines per file: Specifies the maximum number of data rows per CSV file.
If the number of data rows in the table is larger, multiple files are created for the table.

Save CSVs: Starts generating the CSV files. The operation runs asynchronously. A status window appears in the toolbox.

CSV files: Switches to CSV file management of the database. There the files can be downloaded or deleted.

Save configuration Saves the settings for creating the CSV files.
MySQL - CSV backup files

Host name as file prefix: For download, the host name precedes the table name.

Database name as file prefix: For download, the database name precedes the table name.

Download files: Starts the download of the selected files.
The download will be executed asynchronously. A status window appears in the toolbox.

Creation and download of CSV files is performed asynchronously. You can continue working elsewhere in the program.
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