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information_schema database in MySQL and MariaDB

Working with the information_schema database in MySQL and MariaDB

Tables MySQL information_schema database
MySQL information_schema

Module viewing of tables in MySQL and MariaDB information_schema databases:

Tables can be filtered alphabetically or by search.

The list can be sorted by clicking on the field headings of the table list.

Table refresh Reloads table menu and list.
Alphabetical selection Displays the menu for alphabetical selection of tables.
Table search Searching in table names, with %... inside the table names.
Table column search Searching in table column names.
Buttons in table list:
Data: Displays data of tables with SQL statement.
Script: Displays the table creation script in the SQL editor.
Download: Downloads the table creation script.
The information_schema is a read-only database provided by MySQL and MariaDB servers and contains information about the database system itself. It is a virtual database created entirely in memory. The information_schema provides access to metadata about various database objects such as tables, views, columns, indexes, triggers, procedures and events. Information about the structure of a database or metadata about the server configuration, performance metrics, etc. can be queried.

Uses of the information_schema:

Listing of databases and tables on the server.
Information about columns and data types of a table.
Information about indexes and foreign key constraints.
Analyzing server performance and resource usage statistics.

The content of the information_schema may not always reflect the current status of the server.
More information about the MySQL information_schema database: mysql.com und mariadb.com
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