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MariaDB NVL SQL Function - If NULL query in Oracle mode

NVLSyntax:NVL(Expression, Value)
Return value:Depending on the data types used
Function type:NULL function
Function Description

The NVL() function returns "Value" if the value of "Expression" is NULL.

If "Expression" is not NULL, NVL() returns the "Expression".

The return type is the type of "Expression" or "Value", depending on the result of the function.

The feature was introduced starting with MariaDB Version 10.3 for Oracle compatibility.

In MySQL 8.0 this feature is not present.

SQL Examples for the NVL function


SELECT nvl(null'Value');
SELECT nvl('ok''Value');
SELECT nvl(nullif('ok''notok'), 'value');
SELECT nvl(nullif('ok''ok'), 'value');
SELECT nvl(nullif('ok''ok'), null);

nvl(null, 'Value')
varchar(5) BINARY
nvl('ok', 'Value')
varchar(5) BINARY
nvl(nullif('ok', 'notok'), 'value')
varchar(5) BINARY
nvl(nullif('ok', 'ok'), 'value')
varchar(5) BINARY
nvl(nullif('ok', 'ok'), null)
varchar(2) BINARY
The examples were created with the MyWAY SQL manager: Download

How to use the NVL() function in MariaDB databases

The NVL() function in MariaDB can handle NULL values ​​by having the function provide a default or alternate value when a column or expression NULL yields and is useful for calculations, comparisons, or displaying results that use NULL values. The function is equivalent to the IFNULL() function and was introduced in MariaDB for Oracle compatibility.

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More information about the NVL SQL function: mariadb.com
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