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The COALESCE SQL Function in MySQL and MariaDB - Non-NULL value from list

Return value:Depending on the data types used
Function type:Comparison function, NULL function
Function Description

The COALESCE() function returns the first value from a list that is not NULL.

If no non-NULL value is found, COALESCE() returns NULL.

SQL Examples for the COALESCE function


select COALESCE(null'Test'null'Test2');
select COALESCE(null, 45, null, 13);
select COALESCE(nullnullnullnull);

COALESCE(null, 'Test', null, 'Test2')
varchar(5) BINARY
COALESCE(null, 45, null, 13)
COALESCE(null, null, null, null)
The examples were created with the MyWAY SQL manager: Download

How to use the COALESCE() function in MySQL and MariaDB databases

The MySQL and MariaDB COALESCE() function returns the first non-NULL expression from a list of expressions, where function evaluates the expressions in order from left to right and returns the first non-NULL value. If all expressions are NULL, the function returns NULL. The function can also be used with more than two expressions, if you want to process null values ​​and provide default values ​​or alternative expressions. The function allows replacing NULL values ​​with alternative or desired values ​​in results of SQL queries or expressions. The COALESCE() function in MySQL and MariaDB provides a convenient way to handle NULL values.

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More information about the COALESCE SQL function: mysql.com and mariadb.com and w3schools.com
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