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MariaDB NEXTVAL SQL Function - NEXT VALUE FOR Sequence

Return value:INTEGER
Function type:Sequence function
Function Description

The NEXTVAL() function generates and returns the next value in a SEQUENCE.

Synonym for "NEXT VALUE FOR sequence".

The NEXTVAL() function is available from MariaDB version 10.3.

MySQL does not support sequences and the function does not exist in this database.

Example 1


select nextval(`my_sequence`as result;


Example 2


select NEXT VALUE FOR `my_sequence` as result;

The examples were created with the MyWAY SQL manager: Download

How to use the NEXTVAL() function in MariaDB databases

In MariaDB the NEXTVAL() function is used to generate a new sequence value from a sequence object. A sequence is a database object that generates a set of unique values, typically used to generate primary key values ​​in a table, and can be useful for generating unique identifiers for data.

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More information about the NEXTVAL SQL function: mariadb.com
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