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Dynamic Columns functions in MariaDB

MySQL and MariaDB - Overview of the Dynamic Columns functions

MariaDB provides dynamic columns functionality which allows users to store data in a flexible format. This is useful when there is a requirement to store a varying number of columns for a table or when there are a large number of optional attributes that may be associated with an entity.

Dynamic columns are stored in a binary format and can be used to store complex data structures like arrays and nested objects. Dynamic columns can be used to store and retrieve complex data structures in an efficient and flexible way. However, it is important to note that dynamic columns are not suitable for all use cases and should be used judiciously. Additionally, since dynamic columns are stored in a binary format, it can be difficult to query and analyze the data stored in them.

MySQL does not support dynamic columns. Dynamic columns is a feature specific to MariaDB, which was introduced as part of the Dynamic Columns plugin in version 5.3.0.

MySQL has some similar functionality with its JSON data type, which allows for storing semi-structured data in a table column. However, JSON data type is not a direct replacement for dynamic columns and has some limitations when it comes to storing complex data structures and performing certain operations on the data.
Dynamische Tabellen-Spalten

Fügt dynamische Spalten hinzu oder aktualisiert sie.
Überprüft, ob ein dynamischer Spaltenblob gültig ist.
Gibt ein dynamisches Spalten-Blob zurück.
Löscht eine dynamische Spalte.
Überprüft, ob eine dynamische Spalte vorhanden ist.
Ruft einen dynamischen Spaltenwert nach Namen ab.
Gibt eine JSON-Darstellung dynamischer Spalten-Blobdaten zurück.
Gibt eine durch Kommas getrennte Liste dynamischer Spaltennamen zurück.

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