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myway SQL Manager for MySQL and MariaDB, Download on Uptodown
Edit program users for MySQL and MariaDB GUI

Edit program users for MySQL and MariaDB GUI

MyWAY SQL Manager user This module a part of the system administration
In work groups, a separate account should be created for each user
MyWAY SQL Manager edit user

Name: Name of the program user (will be displayed in the program after login)

Login: Login name of program user

Password: The password can be assigned. If left blank, the user will have to create the password themselves when he log in for the first time

Program rights:

Administrator rights: Program administration is allowed

Check and allow version update: Application user can change and manage the update behavior of the application

Can execute SQL commands: Program user can run SQL commands with the program

Can register servers: Program user may register additional server connections for his account

Can remove servers: Program user may delete server connections

Can create databases: Program user may create databases on registered servers

Can delete databases: Program user may delete databases on registered servers

Can register and edit program users: Can manage program users

Can delete program user

Can register and edit database users: Program users may manage database users on registered servers

Can delete database user: Program user may delete database user on registered server

Can import data: Program user may import data into tables

Can export data: Program user may export data from tables

Allow data backup: Program user can manage backup

Allow data recovery: Program user may restore databases and database objects from backups

Allow downloads: Program user may download data created with the program (e.g. data backups, data interfaces)

Allow everything: Allow all rights

Program user rights can be restricted by database user rights on the SQL server
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