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SQL editor for MySQL and MariaDB databases

SQL editor for MySQL and MariaDB databases

SQL The SQL editor is available at server and database level
MySQL SQL Editor

Module for creating, editing and executing SQL statements:

You can search and set markings in the SQL editor.

A script archive, database and server change, search functions and various editor options are available.

Markers can be set by clicking on the line numbers.

The maximum size of SQL scripts for editing is 500 MB.

Run SQL script Runs the SQL script on the selected server and database.
SQL and data options SQL execution and data display options.
Start SQL Wizard Starts the SQL wizard to create SQL statements.
Server and database selection Displays the server and database selection.

Save SQL statements Save SQL statements as a file in the script archive.
Script archive Display SQL script archive.
Copy all text Copy the contents of the editor to the clipboard.
Database selection:

Server: Selection of the connected server on which to execute the SQL statements.
Database: Selection of the database on the connected server on which to execute the SQL statements.
SQL and data options:

MULTI-QUERY: All SQL statements are sent at once to the SQL server for execution. This also allows constructs with variables or the creation of several procedures without delimiters.
NUM-ROWS: Displays the number of rows for result sets.
Lines of Data: Maximum number of data rows to be output in the result table.
Shorten texts: Shorten texts in table output to the maximum number of characters.
Blob content: Show blob contents in tables.
Binary content: Display binary content in tables.
As Text: Display binary content in tables as text.
Spatial content: Output spatial content in tables.
Null values: Output null values ​​in tables.
Field Information: Show column information like data type, original field name and queried tables in output.
Searching in SQL Editor:
Search SQL text Find and highlight terms in the SQL Editor.
Save SQL statements Search and replace - turn on feature.
Delete markers Delete search markers.
Jump to previous marker Jump to previous marker.
Jump to next marker Jump to next marker.
Status line:
X: Horizontal cursor position.
Y: Vertical cursor position.
Rows: Number of lines of SQL script.
Selection: Positions of the selected text. With copy button.
Last: Positions of the last selected text. With restore button.
Markings: Number of markings in the text. With jump buttons
Copy selected text Copy selected text to clipboard.
Restore marking Restore selection in editor.
Jump to previous marker Jump to previous line marker.
Jump to next marker Jump to next line marker.
Script archive:
Copy selected text
Load: Loads the saved script into the editor.
Download: Downloads the saved script.
Rename: Rename saved script file.
Delete: Deletes the saved script.
Delete scripts Delete selected SQL script files.
MySQL - Procedure menu

Labeled menu by double-clicking title bar.

More information about searching in SQL scripts: Searching in SQL editor
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