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Editing MySQL, MariaDB procedures, PROCEDURE

Editing MySQL and MariaDB procedures (PROCEDURE)

Procedures Editing MySQL procedures is part of the procedures management
Edit MySQL procedures

Module for editing MySQL procedures:

You can search and mark in the SQL editor.

Procedure can be run for testing.

Available are archiving and download.

Save changes Saves the changes to the procedure to the database. A security copy of the previous version is stored in the script archive.
Testing procedure Testing the procedure with parameter input.
Procedure permisssions View and edit permissions of the procedure.
Save to script archive Saves the procedure in the script archive.
Download procedure creation Download the procedure creation script.
Delete procedure Deletes procedure from database.
Searching in SQL Editor:
Search SQL text Find and highlight terms in the SQL Editor.
Delete markers Delete search markers.
Jump to previous marker Jump to previous marker.
Jump to next marker Jump to next marker.
Procedure head:
Name: Name of procedure.
Type: procedure or function.
Parameter: List of parameters of the procedure.
Direction: Input-output direction of the procedure parameter.
Name: Name of the parameter.
Type: Data type of the parameter.
Length / Value: Data type length or values.
Option: Value options according to type.

Procedure optionen:
Scheduled: Specifies whether the procedure is plan-driven.
Creator: Creator of the procedure.
Security type: Selection of the security-its-type of the procedure.
SQL data access: Data access selection .
Comment: Selection of check option.

Save settings: Save the procedure options.
Add parameter Add parameter to procedure at position.
Delete parameter Delete parameter from procedure.
Parameter up Move parameter up.
Parameter down Move parameter down.
MySQL - Procedure menu

Labeled menu by double-clicking title bar.

Learn more about editing SQL scripts: SQL-Editor
More information about MySQL procedures can be found here: mysql.com and mariadb.com
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