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Edit MySQL, MariaDB table partitions

Editing MySQL and MariaDB table partitions

MySQL - Editing partitions Partition editing is part of partition management
MySQL - Editing subpartitions
Module for editing partitions of a MySQL table:

The type of partitioning can be changed:

Partitioning by: Choice of partitioning method.
Expression: Expression or table field by which to partition.
Number of partitions: Number of partitions can be changed.
Start: Start the partition editor with the set parameters.
Editing the partitions:
Name: Name of the partition.
Data Directory: Number of data rows in partition.
Minimum number of lines: MySQL partition management benchmark that specifies the minimum number of data rows in the partition.
Maximum number of lines: MySQL partition management benchmark that specifies the maximum number of data rows in the partition.
TABLESPACE: Selection of a defined TABLESPACE entry that contains information about the storage space of tables.
Comment: Comment on the partition.

For Data directory, Minimum number of lines, Maximum number of lines and TABLESPACE, the value contained can be copied to all other partitions by double-clicking on the input field.

Save changes Save the changes to the partitions.
Show SQL statement Show SQL statement of changes.
Example of editing sub-partitions:
MySQL - Editing subpartitions
Example with partitioning using RANGE and HASH for sub-partitions:

For more information see: RANGE partitioning

More information about editing partitions in MySQL tables: mysql.com and mariadb.com
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